The AirCine software includes the following games and trainings, other will follow in future:

Training simulation for sport pistol shooters:

  • Falling plates
  • Speed shooting
  • 25 meters precision, simulated on 10 meters
  • Interval shooting (3/7 sedconds)
  • 5 shots in 10 or 20 seconds

Hunting simulation:

  • Boar hunting: Only correct hits will be counted positive. If the boar is only hurt, you will get a negative score. This simulation needs to be purchased separately (see order page for details).

Games for 1 shooter:

  • Define own targets in a collection of pictures or photos. Targets will appear in random order, up to 4 indipendent scores can be counted.
  • Moving balloons.
    1. How many can be hit in 2 minutes:
    2. How long do you need for 10 hits.
  • Skeet simulation. 10 clay discs will be thrown in different angles. Depending on the target distance it will simulate the spreading bullets of a shotgun.
  • Shooting on any movie (AVI or MPG file). The movie will be stopped on every shot and the impact will be marked on the screen. After 5 seconds it will automatically continue. Playlists of several movies can be generated, these movies will be plays in sequence.
    All impacts will be saved and a report can be printed afterwards. It will show enlarged pictures, the time and date and the name of the shooter.
  • Action-shooting on any movie. Similar the the normal video shotting, but it will not stop at every shot. Impacts will be marked, but the movie continues.
  • Birds: Blue birds fly through the screen at different speeds, distances and directions. Depending on the distance and speed you will get different scores on every hit.
  • Shooting gallery: Different targets move through the screen.The score will be calculated from the size and speed of the targets.
  • Picture shooting: use any picture collection for shooting. You can define up to 4 different types of targets in any picture.
  • Picture Scripts: Write your own scripts and create shooting programs. Each hit on a target will decide what happens next. Scripts can define rules for hits, time based rules ar random decisions. This module needs to be purchased separately (see order page for details).

Games for 2 shooters:

  • Moving balloons.
    1. How many can be hit in 2 minutes:
    2. How long do you need for 10 hits.
    There are 2 different colors for the targets. Shoot only on your own targets, otherwise your competitor will get the score!
  • Tin cans: They appear on the screen for only 3 seconds. Who will be the first to hit 10 cans?

AirCine as mouse driver for any application:

  • Every impact on the screen will send a mouseclick to this position. Any application can be controlled by real shots...

Write your own applications for AirCine:

  • The AirCine-software includes a server module. Any other application can connect to this interface, get all neccessary information about the screen and receive all bullet impacts immediately. You can create your own games or training activities using the AirCine technology.
    If you need additional information about this interface, please contact .

Prerequisites for using AirCine:

  • You will need a PC that is capable of playing AVI or MPG files in full screen size. It must have one free USB-Port available.
  • You need a video projector with a resolution of at least 800x600 pixels.
  • The screen frame needs to be build as simple wood frame. The projection layer must be paper, on the back side you need soft rubber to catch the bullets. The screen size should not be more than 1.0 x 1.5 meters.

What is included:

  • 1 AirCine-Box - It registers and measures the bullet impact on the screen. It is approx. 95 x 50 x 130 mm in size and will be connected to the PC via USB. It does not need an extra power supply.
  • 4 microphones, that need to be attached to the screen frame.
  • 1 CD containg the software, interface drivers and some sample movie files. The software will work with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.
  • 1 user manual. It explains how to build the screen frame, installing the software, basic setup procedures and all games and training activities. You can download the PDF version of the user manual on the download page.